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Cool Shows in LA 5/20 – 5/26

Wednesday 5/20
San Fermin at the Constellation Room ($15)

Thursday 5/21
Speedy Ortiz at the Echo ($13-$15)
Bella Novela at Alex’s Bar ($5)
White Cloud at Lot 1 Cafe ($5)
Roses at the Echoplex (Sold out)

Friday 5/22
Roses and Dunes at the Bootleg ($10)
Speedy Ortiz at the Constellation Room ($12)

Saturday 5/23
Hop Along at the Echo ($13)

Sunday 5/24
Magic Wands at the Satellite (Free!)

Monday 5/25
Refused at the Observatory (Sold out)

Tuesday 5/26
Refused at the Roxy (Sold out)
L.A. Witch at the Continental Room (Free!)


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