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The Best Music You’ve Never Heard 9/30/20

Today’s show had some broadcasting issues, so you can listen to the entire show here:

Here is today’s playlist:
Buscabulla- Nydia
Chicano Batman- Freedom is Free
Mexican Institute of Sound- El Jefe
Alih Jey- This Cigarette
Los Blenders- Perdidos en Pantitlan
Lido Pimienta- Progreso
Los Abandoned- Heavy
Natalia Cantalejo- Tu Cancion
Zoe- Sombras
De’Anza- Soy
Yanna- Marcaperu
Angelica Garcia- Lucifer Waiting
Girl in a Coma- The Photographer
Silvana Estrada- Para Siempre
Ariana Brown- Ode to Thrift Stores