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Best of 2013- Music Videos

-David Bowie- “The Stars (Are Out Tonight) directed by Floria Sigismondi

-Majical Cloudz- “Childhood’s End” directed by Emily Kai Bock

-Mr. Little Jeans- “Oh Sailor” directed by Tim Nackashi

-Beach House- “Wishes” directed by Eric Wareheim

-Phosphorescent- “Ride On/ Right On” directed by Matthew Houck

-Father John Misty- “Fun Times in Babylon” directed by: Josh Tillman and Grant James

-The Knife- “A Tooth for an Eye” directed by Roxy Farhat & Kakan Hermansson

-Glass Candy- “Beautiful Object” filmed by Martin D’ Argensio, compiled and edited by Alberto Rossini

-Washed Out- “Don’t Give Up” directed by Kate Moross

-Silversun Pickups- “Dots and Dashes (Enough Already)” directed by Suzie Vlcek


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