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Tame Impala- “Elephant”

This song came out a while ago, but it’s just now that it’s beginning to get commercial radio play in the United States (or at least Southern California).  It’s been used on TV, in at least one commercial, and it’s just such a good song.

I was driving around on Wednesday and heard this song on one of LA’s rock stations, KROQ.  I have to say, hearing the song took me by surprise, and I was so thrilled to hear it.  There are some songs that just transport you to another place.  However shitty your day may be, this song will take you out of your funk.  I had just finished work for the day and was winding down and hearing this song gave me energy and made me approach the rest of my day with such optimism.  Just hearing one song.  I can’t believe that music still has this effect on me, especially because I’ve heard this song a number of times.

But my first ever introduction to this song was through KCRW, one of LA’s NPR affiliates, and it was a remix done by Todd Rundgren.  It was so great that I heard this remix first because the remix is so glam.  I couldn’t believe that Todd Rundgren was doing remixes of current artists.  I’ve posted the remix below, listen:


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