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Mr. Little Jeans

Mr. Little Jeans, aka Monica Birkenes, first broke into the scene a few years back with her cover of Arcade Fire’s “The Suburbs.” A good cover should be a reworking of a song, that illuminates it in a way where you understand the song from a different perspective. She rose to the occasion and created a really beautiful piece.

But what about her original work?  Although her debut album is not out yet, she appeased fans by releasing a single, “Oh Sailor.”  The video for it, directed by Tim Nackashi, is absolutely breathtaking and encapsulates the feeling of the song wonderfully.  Watch:

For those of you in LA, or if you’re in the SF Valley and willing to make the trek out on the 405, Mr. Little Jeans will be playing a show at the Santa Monica Pier later this summer with Santa Barbara’s own, Gardens and Villa.  She’s a great performer and will not disappoint.


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